Interview with Evo from the legendary WARFARE

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the legendary EVO Evans from infamous Punk Metal act WARFARE about his official new album and his future plans enjoy!

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1.So we have the album “WARFARE” under your name finally released after 27 years, how was the experience making the album after so long and was it any different from how you made your records under the Warfare name all those years ago?

The experience making the album was really good however studio’s and methods have changed a lot but I recorded the album with the analogue method, playing the instruments on number 12 through marshall amps and not straight through the mixing desk, that way you get every glinch and plec click a huge live bass drum sound to deliver the anger for real just like the mayhem back in the 80’s.

2.The album although sticking with the punk formula you were known for has some interesting spoken word sections such as “Screaming At The Sea”. What were your inspirations to include these sections throughout the album?

Screaming at the sea is a really deep intro and sets the scene to light the fire and then let it burn growing into pure anarchy it is the only spoken word on the album, but I would urge everybody to buy a physical copy so that the lyrics are fully understood from the first track until the demise, it’s the story of the street on full volume and anger.

3.I’ve been loving the album for the past few weeks and I really like that you had some guest musicians such as Lips from Anvil and Eddie Clarke of Motorhead fame, how was it working with them, any ego clashing going on there?

All Ive had is positive feedback and I’m really pleased people like it, after all you get a year and half work in 50 minutes, people regard WARFARE as the very first true Punk/Metal band and I regard Anvil as the very first true Thrash band Lips was a pleasure to work with and as for FAST EDDIE what can I say this is the heaviest shit he’s played since the Ace of Spades era first class (Fuck Blackmore or Van Halen) this is the real deal with the best guitarist in the world.

4.What made you want to get the warfare name back out into the music scene again after so long?

I have constantly been asked over 25 years to produce play record all of which I declined, however one night I had a very strange dream and it all just came back, it only took one phone call from my pr and I was signed the same day to HIGH ROLLER RECORDS GMBH…it’s like the first 3 WARFARE albums all rolled into one but louder.

5.Besides the brand new Warfare album, do you have any other things planned in terms of recording and/or touring in the future? 

No plans of touring, but I would probably do a guest vocal or maybe production work if it was the kind of stuff that could be interesting, I will maybe do more work with Fast Eddie but obviously it depends on how well the current album sells, before I would consider a follow up, so go on you cunts and get the fucker bought bring some real metal into your lives.

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-Thank you very much for taking some time of the day to answer these questions EVO, hope the future is well. 
You can order the new WARFARE album here:

Interview with Jarvis Leatherby on the new Night Demon album and more!



Perhaps my most anticipated release of the year! Traditional heavy metal trio Night Demon are due to release their second album entitled “Darkness Remains” on April 21st. This album will follow their amazing 2015 debut “Curse Of The Damned” and ever since I have been clamoring to hear more from them. So mark your calendars because Night Demon are freaking back! I was able to catch up with main man Jarvis Leatherby for a quick phone interview as well.

Hey Jarvis, sorry if i caught you at a hectic time.

No dude it’s always hectic don’t worry about we just we had the South American tour now we just have two days off before we begin the Anvil tour so Im on a train right now you caught me at a good time.

So first things first we have the new Night Demon album entitled “Darkness Remains” coming out in just under two months, what can we expect from the new album that maybe we didn’t hear on “Curse of the Damned”?

Well I definitely think its a progression I mean ill even use that term progression it really is from the last record I mean it isn’t Dream Theater or anything it is still Night Demon. You can expect reasonable length songs I mean it is a 38 minute length record and their are some fast moments and I don’t want to give away too much but there are some dynamics to the record, not everything is a million miles per hour. It isn’t a huge departure from what we do but it is a next step for the band I hope people enjoy it. I think the production is the best we have had but we have also stripped down a lot of stuff like I think of Van Halen 1 where there are no rhythm tracks under any of the solos. So yeah the introduction is probably the best we’ve had to date and is closer to how the band sounds live.

Was the writing/recording process any different than it was  on “Curse of the Damned”?

Yeah it was different in a way in that me, Brent and Dusty starting writing the songs before Brent departed so when Armant came in he added some stuff but alot of the basic stuff was written but if you look at the history of the band in the past few years we have been constantly on the road so it has been harder to just sit at home or go into a studio for a month and make a record so what we would do was go into the studio when we would have a week off and just would see what would happen.Also we didn’t want to come out with the album right away I mean Curse Of The Damned has been doing great coming out to raving reviews and stuff like that and we wanted to keep traveling all the world on that record and its kind that thing where you want to put things out as regularly as you can but we are kind of on an every two year schedule and wanted to build up our reputation as well. I look at it as you can be a band that puts out five great releases before the world even knows who you are you know? I mean you have this great back catalog of songs but you want to play them live and i  think thats another good reason for us having shorter songs because we can play more of them, I mean I love Iron Maiden They’re my favorite band and I’ll go watch a two hour Maiden show for thirteen songs. We learn from them but we don’t over saturate things we kind of just get in and get out instead of having six minute songs that can sometimes repeat themselves. There is also that thing where we feel you have that moment where you hear that really cool part in a song and you want to hear it again and again but if we ever find ourselves in a position where we feel we can write a Rime of the Ancient Mariner or something like that we’ll do it. However, we don’t want to make it too formulaic or anything because the world has a short attention span as I do as well and I don’t tend to listen to a super lengthy song all the way through at least not right away because sometimes they fall into that repetitiveness.


Having new guitarist Armond Anthony come in between albums and a hectic touring schedule must have been a bit difficult as well.

It was a bit but thankfully I mean he had been around for awhile so it wasn’t like we just dropped someone in he already knew the songs and helped alot and we both had been in various bands throughout the years and it has already been a year so it has been working pretty well.


Between the crazy tours, albums and everything else how did you manage to get something such as the Frost and Fire Festival off the ground?

Yeah you know it is just constant work all day long, day in and day out you just need to give everything the right amount of time and there are no breaks with it. People always ask me at the festival about what my stress level is like and I’m like im having a great time and im performing on it too and they are like how and you just have to work on it every single day and the festival is all done booked and ready to go I mean the great John Wooden once said “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and you know shit will happen and you just have to get though it its part of the game and you have to show the characteristics of being unstoppable. We also had the idea to create a festival that is perfect for this type of music as well.  We do this for a living and its basically our day job and you just have to keep ahead and putting the work into it. It is hard but everything we do is out of a labor of love and we just go out there and do it the best we can.




And for one final question, does Night Demon plan to do a full Headlining North American tour within the next year or so?

Yes I think we do however I don’t think we will be able to until at least 2018. We have the week after the Anvil tour,the album comes out so we will be playing a few new tracks and the new video will be premiering next week so there will be some new music very soon and  some new stuff coming and then after the Anvil tour we are heading to Europe til mid June and then a few festivals back in america and then back to Europe for a few festivals over there. We have been offered a support tour later this year however I can’t really say anything about it yet since I am not sure if we’ll be able to do it. We then have the Frost and Fire fest and then whatever after that is up in the air. I could see another support tour in the states before the year ends. Then hopefully maybe spring or earlier next year we should be doing a full on North American tour and I mean full on. Just the way everything’s been working out with Europe and everything to broaden our audiences we just have to take some of these chances but expect us in the US very soon.

Thanks for taking the time Jarvis, good luck with the next tour and album, very excited for everything you guys have going. Safe travels.

Thankyou very much Justin, thankyou for all the support, I’ll catch you later.


Preorder Night Demon’s new album entitled “Darkness Remains” here:


Note* This was a recorded conversation so I did edit it a bit however I will have the full recorded conversation full length available very soon.