Devil In Disguise: Glacier has risen again



devil in disguise


When mentioning underground 1980’s Heavy Metal, many, many bands come to mind. However, one that has received a lot of attention recently is US Power Metal outfit Glacier out of Oregon. This band has been synonymous with releasing one of the most solid classic Heavy Metal E.P’s of all time in 1985 which is all there is in their discography besides a few demo’s a few years after. The classic Glacier E.P featured five classic songs with three different singers as well. The most popular vocalist however was Mike “Glacier Mike” Podrybau who sang on three out of those five songs. Recently he has formed the band “Devil In Disguise” featuring Mike Mendoza and Michael Maselbas sharing guitar duties with bassist Alfonso Polo and drummer Adam Kopecky who are a tribute to the classic Glacier music.

Devil in disguise live 2.jpg

The band recently had their last rehearsal before they head to the annual Keep it True festival in Germany next week and then Legions Of Metal in Chicago and I was lucky enough to attend as well. Opening with “Heaven’s at hand” the band were in fine form and very solid playing through the whole Glacier e.p and a few rare demo songs including the very progressive start and stop “Eastern Guns” which they pulled off brilliantly. Lead singer “Glacier Mike” was in top form performing all song with ease and enthusiasm joking around with everyone and having a fun time. The drums I especially really enjoyed because Adam is a machine with endless drum rolls and being on point at every point of every song. The band actually ran through their set twice  with both their current bass player and their stand in for Germany. Both sets were very solid and the whole band like I said displayed very precise playing skills and I think did these songs very faithfully.

Devil in disguise live


I hope for big things for Devil In Disguise, they bring back the classic Glacier everyone has wanted and hopefully one day can bring some new songs to the table as well. Check them out at Keep It True and Legions of Metal, you don’t want to miss this legendary once in a lifetime set!




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Show Review: Anvil, Night Demon and others at Reggies 04/08/17



Ah it is definitely spring season, with the weather getting warmer I decided it is time to start getting out to more shows again and I was able to attend Anvil, Night Demon and a few others at The infamous Reggies Rock Club in Chicago. Now whenever you go to a show at reggies, it is always going to be a good time as they have been one of the key venues to bring a lot more traditional heavy metal back to the city. On the roster for the night we had the legendary canadian speed metal group Anvil supported by new traditional heavy metal band Night Demon with openers Graveshadow, hometown staple Scars of Armageddon and Comfort Scarcity.


Comfort Scarcity

The very first band of the night were a quartet that played almost a nineties grunge mixed with motley crue style of hard rock. The band were very energetic on stage but their music just wasn’t a huge impression on me. The only reason is because their style I can only consider just sub par hard rock that unfortunately didn’t have the magic for me to be super invested. The band were very professional in their skills but their music just seemed overall quite sub par.

Scars of Armageddon

I said before when I first saw these guys open for Riot V last year that they definitely had a very good thing going. The second time around however they seemed to be even more on fire. For some reason this time seeing the band felt like they were even more fine tuned than they were last year. These guys are one of those Chicago bands that if you don’t catch them then you are missing out on some serious talent.


Graveshadow were the only group to feature a female member and were more on par with the sound Scars of Armageddon has. They have this european power metal/ melodic death metal thing going on that at first I couldn’t grasp. I’m not sure why I just couldn’t get into it, however after the fourth song I was beginning to get more accustom to their sound. The group overall had really good chops live and their showmanship was pretty good as well.

Night Demon

This was when the show really began to take off for me personally. I have waited since around 2014 when I first heard the “Night Demon” EP to see these guys. As much of a fan of the whole New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal scene I am, Night Demon were always my favorite because they handle their whole image and sound so professionally . However, as fate would have it, I would miss them the last few runs to the states so this show was a long time coming. Opening with”Welcome To The Night” off their new upcoming album “Darkness Remains”, the band were in fine form sounding so fucking powerful. The band played songs from their ep, first album “Curse of The Damned” and two new tracks off the upcoming record.  They even brought their mascot “Rocky” out during “The Chalice” which was very cool and worked with the whole vibe the band had going. This band I cannot stress enough, you have to see them live. Even if you arent a huge old school metal fan, this band will still kick your ass over and over again.


Finally headliners Anvil took the stage. These guys are another band that has eluded me since 2009 around when “Anvil! The Story Of Anvil” hit. Finally as the lights dipped, Lips came out and walked into the crowd for the epic “March of The Crabs” before jumping back on stage to blast right through “666” off the classic and highly influential “Metal on Metal” album. Lips even dedicated a few songs to chuck berry and lemmy which was awesome as well. The two highlights during their set was Lips’ crazy vibrator solo(yes it is as ridiculous and awesome as it sounds) and legendary drummer Robb Reiner’s drum solo during “Swing Thing”. Anvil’s new bassist who is probably one of the most cartoonish looking musicians i’ve ever seen really shined as well like holy shit he had to have been one of the tightest bass players i’ve heard live. The band although never being hailed as super technical were just super fun to watch live. Anvil is another one of the oldschool acts that deserves to stick around for awhile because they are one of those bands that remind us to have fun with the music.


Overall, the show was pretty well worth it. While it started off quite slow, it picked up more and more through the night. Night Demon were probably the biggest highlight for me with Anvil obviously following close by. It was a good night of oldschool heavy metal fun.


Heavy Load to reissue entire discography for the first time


Announced earlier today on their facebook page, Legendary Swedish underground Heavy Metal act will be reissuing all of their albums via No Remorse Records and through Gabriel Management. This will be the first time the albums  have been released since they have been largely out of print since the 80’s and are very rare to find. These reissues will begin to surface in the early summer of 2017 with their last album “Stronger Than Evil” and will continue to work their way back. The ban also says that while this is happening, they are preparing something in 2018. A new album maybe? I sure as hell hope so! You can read more about these reissues below


Album Review: Mythra- Still Burning


“Still Burning” is the debut album from legendary cult New Wave Of British Heavy Metal group Mythra and is to be released April 28th, 2017. Now to date, Mythra have only released their EP entitled “Death and Destiny” which has been a key release in the genre almost as much as Angel Witch’s first album or a few others. They also had an anthology come out last year via SKOL Records which was a compilation of rare recordings from the band. The band in the past few years has been quite active and have always had a steady group of dedicated fans as well. Now finally we get a full length from them over thirty years after forming. Will we see an album that is an absolutely great debut? Lets find out!

Track Rundown

1.Still Burning- Opening with the title track, the album opens fairly strong with a really punchy and raw riff hitting you right in the face. Vince High still really has that good grit to his voice that wouldn’t be out of place in 1982 and I love it. The production is also not too glossy either with every instrument being mixed nearly perfectly. The chorus is also quite catchy as well. This is prime early NWOBHM in 2017 and really gets you excited to hear the rest of the album. The solo even sounds like it came from 1980 with the vintage guitar harmonies really making their mark.

2.Call To All- This tune has a bit more melody but has amazing hooks to it especially in the chorus it almost sounds a bit like early diamond head. This is one of my favorites on the album because its one of those great classic sounding metal tracks that just gets stuck in your head.

3.That Special Feeling- This tune is full on melody right from the get go and is similar to the last song with just how catchy it is and I love it. I’ve had this album on repeat the past few days and the songs really do stick especially at a loud volume because you can really feel the double bass drums during the chorus. This is just classic metal done by a band that finally overcame everything and you can definitely hear that they are playing their hearts out on this album.

4.Ride The Storm- This song opens with more melodic guitars but is different enough especially in the progression to stick out than just a similar tune to the last. I really like how Vince really belts the vocals out here and shows why he is one of my favorite NWOBHM singers because he sounds just as good as he does on their early recordings. Overall, this is another very consistent tune on the album.

5.Survival- This song has more of a progressive kind of gallop to it and for some reason it reminds me of a bit of 80’s Ted Nugent with Ozzy’s back up band playing. I dont know why but it made me think of that. I really like the verses of this song they are just so damn powerful with the thumping bass just forcing you to bang your head. I also like that the drums are a bit more interesting in this song and are played very solid too. Not a bad tune at all another heavy hitter.

6.Battle Cry- I dig how this song builds at the beginning and makes me impressed how the band up to this point have just been playing ear splitting heavy metal and some records you eventually get a bit bored but here you accept every tune because they are all executed very well. They all have hooks different from one another and are played with just massive power. I really dig the solo in this song for some reason its one of my favorites on the album.

7.Silence In The Sirens- This tune took me a few listens to really get into Im not sure why but I think it was because the chorus just has this interesting riff that you don’t really expected However, the solo really picks it back up and absolutely screams early maiden and I think the tune still shows great chemistry for the band I just think it is one that may take a few listens to really get into. Again, not a bad tune but one that I had to warm up to a bit.

8.Sands Of Time- This tune slows it down a bit and opens with some cleaner guitars and softer vocals which go right into early speed metal that is done in good taste. It is another tune that has great hooks and fantastic vocal melodies through out as well.

9.Victory Song- This tune has more of a mid pace to it that reminds me of Dio for some reason with a bit of 80’s Priest. It is pretty heavy and quick a fun listen as well with a grooving solo in there too. Not a bad tune it definitely jams.

10.This is definitely the softest tune on the album and I love it. I t has great atmosphere with a hard hitting chorus that definitely fits and still retains that heavy metal feel of the song. This is definitely the most epic song here as well.

11.Fundamental Extreme- The final tune on this heavy metal monster and it has hooks galore with some awesome sing along chorus parts and some catchy verses as well. I think it is a fitting closing to the album and keeps you headbanging all the way to the end.

Overall, this album gets a 9 out of 10. This is easily one of the best albums of the year. Mythra have finally released their first album and it sounds just like it could have came out back in 1980. The band is absolutely on fire and although variety isn’t something album really shows, it shows that heavy metal is still very much alive and is being done just as good as the new bands today, hell probably even better.

Album Review: Mothership- High Strangeness


“High Strangeness” is the third album by Texas heavy rockers Mothership and is to be released on March 17th, 2017. I had first heard Mothership back when I was affiliated with the sorely missed MHX Radio station when they had released their second album “II”. I was drawn in so much by how well these guys had their sound nailed down and just the groove every song had especially with the perfectly flowing solos and distorted bass and Bonham like drumming. These guys ever since have been on my radar and have been a favorite as well because of just how well they work as a three piece. Now with their third album just on the horizon lets see how well they do this time around.

Track Rundown

1.High Strangeness- Opening with a very space rock instrumental with the bass coming in with an infectious yet soft riff and the guitars almost tapering off into space when they come in. It is like jamming while on a heavy acid trip and it really works. It really sets a tone and atmosphere that the band had managed to do on the last album but it feels bigger here.

2.Ride The Sun- And the band comes in with a heavy as hell rocker. This song sticks to a nice mid groove that has me tapping my foot all the way through. After the third listen that main riff has become ingrained in my brain. The verses although very simple are just dripping with that ZZ Top like groove all the way to the chorus. Even though the song has a lot of vintage influences to it, the band do somehow make it feel quite modern especially with the very nice production you can practically feel the fuzz oozing from Kelly’s cranked Orange amps into one of his best solo’s he’s ever recorded. This is a great fun groovy tune.

3.Midnight Express- Opening with some nice thumping drum rolls into a more doom-soaked riff, this song sticks more with the slow bashing tempo that the band does just as well as when they kick into overdrive. I love the vocals in that they still have that grungy dirty southern feel to them. This song is also catchy as hell and one of the heaviest on the album. I really dig when it speeds up toward the end with another grooving solo with the bass just going full assault in the background as well. Another total barn burner.

4.This tune has more of a mid tempo with the drums doing this sort of gallop at least in the beginning. There is also more of that heavy doom/stoner sound that dominates this song as well and it isn’t bad but it does have some interesting riffs around the mid mark of the song where it changes pace a bit and definitely adds more variety to the track that makes it another one of my favorites on the album as well.

5.Helter Skelter- The band pull some more up beat riffing off on this tune and the groove is just so freaking good. This is possibly my favorite tune on the album because it just sticks with me so much. The chorus is pretty damn catchy as well.

6.Eternal Trip- Now here’s something a bit different. This song is a lot softer and I think works very well because of that variety factor. It definitely has that spacey and beautiful atmosphere with the echoed and very shimmery guitars. There are some amazing melodic moments too and it is very welcomed for how well it is done.

7.Wise Man- After listening to the last track, this song sounds a lot more bombastic when it still sticks to the stoner metal formula. However, there is some really kick ass soloing in the song that I absolutely love. I really think this highlights Kelley’s capabilities as a guitarist and how well he really can play.

8.Speed Dealer- I love the riffing in this tune and it is another absolutely dirty rocker as well. The vocal deliveries are just as filthy as ever and some of my favorites on the album as well. It actually has more of a straight heavy blues feel to it that I love. The band really fires on all cylinders with this one giving a really heavy and bombastic end to a solid slab of stoner rock in 2017.

Overall, I give the album a very solid 8 out of 10. Mothership have brought that similar stoner metal vibe from their past two albums to this one but this one feels more on the spot especially with the more rocking songs. It just feels a lot more natural and the band really pulls together creating some very memorable jams as well as in cooperating some of those space rock and late 60’s rock sounds to make a really well done heavy rock album.

Glistening Metal at Legions of Metal Festival!

May 19th and 20th Glistening Metal Reviews will be covering the first annual Legions of Metal festival in Chicago Illinois. Featuring two days of amazing traditional heavy metal from groups Armored Saint and Ross The Boss Band to new groups such as Carriage Legendry and more! plus appearances from the reformed Cerebus, Belgium metal legends Killer and UK legends Battleaxe. I will be doing a full write up on every band I catch and the festival as a whole so I hope to catch you all there!legions-of-metal