Frost and Fire III day 3 and final thoughts

Frost and Fire logo

And we finally come to the final day of Frost and Fire three on October 8th. This day was a bit more relaxing considering there were really only two bands on the roster for the night and it was cult epic Hard Rock group Ashbury and the classy metal group Bitch. In between both however was the Rivera-Sunnarborg Duo playing essentially classical versions of well known Heavy Metal songs which was definitely something interesting.

After catching up on some well needed rest, I went to check out Ashbury and was blown away by their performance. They were another band that I had missed a few times so this was another performance I just had to see just so I could finally say I saw them live. The band played their whole “Endless Skies” album which was nice and a few new songs which were very up to par with their early material epic guitar solo’s and all. The only thing that wained a bit was the amount of covers sprinkled through the set. Although it was great to see them do classic Black Sabbath and even some Jethro Tull and The Who, it felt a bit too much like the set was padded out. However, the band n ever lost anyones interest throughout the show and I would watch out for their new music on the future it is definitely something I am excited for.

Finally after chilling out around town for a bit longer, I came back to Bombay fir the final act on the bill for the night Bitch. I honestly had no idea what to expect from this band as I had never really saw a lot of live footage but I was very familiar with their material so I was hoping they would deliver a solid performance after such a long weekend. Well they were honestly my biggest surprise in terms of live acts in how damn good they were live. Betsy’s voice is still just as good as it is on record and she has a lot of charisma on stage with a lot of banter in between songs with their backing band. The band I have to note as well they really gave it their all in terms of performers with a lot of crowd interaction as well. The setlist was just as solid as it could be as well with a lot of material from the “Betsy” album and some early cuts from “Be My Slave” and “Damnation Alley”. My personal favorite was actually opener “The Bitch is Back” it was a perfect song for the band to represent themselves onstage. Overall they were just a great act and I cannot wait to catch them again at Legions of Metal II this year. Afterwards, it was time for the goodbyes and I headed back to my room for the few hours of sleep before my flight home the next day.

Overall, Frost and Fire III, what can I say that I haven’t already? This was easily the best weekend I had ever had bar none with memorable performance after memorable performance all weekend. The choice of Ventura was so great and Bombays Bar and Grill as small of a venue it was had a great vibe to everyone and I wouldn’t mind it being the venue next year as well. We don’t have many festivals like this here in the US and to see such a good one like Frost and even Legions essentially resurrecting the Ragnarokkr festival makes me hope they stick around. If and when the next line up is announced, don’t hesitate. This is a fest you don’t want to miss. The music you hear and the friends you meet make it all the worth while.


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