Headbanging Hilghlight of the Week: Vulture- The Guillotine



Heavy Metal is definitely a genre that has never taken itself too seriously. Hell how could you? It has always been a crazy, beer drinking, throw someone in the air kind of music, well for the most part. Now don’t get me wrong, there are bands that play with more of a serious tone, but that’s not what we are here for today! We are here to talk about the new album from German band Vulture entitled “The Guillotine” which is one of the craziest traditional heavy metal records you’ll hear all year.

Right away, I’ll tell you this album isn’t anything amazing but it definitely has appeal for fans of early speed metal and even early elements of death metal are present. The biggest draw are the vocals with a hard growl to them that in a seconds notice can go to batshit insane falsettos. Honestly it is almost absurd but it works damn well. If anything, the band draws from early Kreator with slight NWOBHM influences especially in songs such as “Clashing Iron” and “Electric Ecstasy” where you can find some fairly catchy riffs sprinkled out. However, yes the album has some problems. The biggest one I find is a lot of it seems to blend together without a clear sense of progression. Don’t get me wrong, there is some good song writing here and the band is tight but I feel it would work better as an e.p or in short increments(couple songs here, couple songs there etc.) which is how I found to enjoy it more as a whole.

If you want another record in your collection that is reminiscent of early Kreator, Nasty Savage or even Exciter, Give this album a listen. Like I said, the album is more of just an absurd and over the top fun time than any kind of a musical masterpiece but sometimes that’s exactly what we need to let loose a bit.

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