Interview with Evo from the legendary WARFARE

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the legendary EVO Evans from infamous Punk Metal act WARFARE about his official new album and his future plans enjoy!

EVO (2)



1.So we have the album “WARFARE” under your name finally released after 27 years, how was the experience making the album after so long and was it any different from how you made your records under the Warfare name all those years ago?

The experience making the album was really good however studio’s and methods have changed a lot but I recorded the album with the analogue method, playing the instruments on number 12 through marshall amps and not straight through the mixing desk, that way you get every glinch and plec click a huge live bass drum sound to deliver the anger for real just like the mayhem back in the 80’s.

2.The album although sticking with the punk formula you were known for has some interesting spoken word sections such as “Screaming At The Sea”. What were your inspirations to include these sections throughout the album?

Screaming at the sea is a really deep intro and sets the scene to light the fire and then let it burn growing into pure anarchy it is the only spoken word on the album, but I would urge everybody to buy a physical copy so that the lyrics are fully understood from the first track until the demise, it’s the story of the street on full volume and anger.

3.I’ve been loving the album for the past few weeks and I really like that you had some guest musicians such as Lips from Anvil and Eddie Clarke of Motorhead fame, how was it working with them, any ego clashing going on there?

All Ive had is positive feedback and I’m really pleased people like it, after all you get a year and half work in 50 minutes, people regard WARFARE as the very first true Punk/Metal band and I regard Anvil as the very first true Thrash band Lips was a pleasure to work with and as for FAST EDDIE what can I say this is the heaviest shit he’s played since the Ace of Spades era first class (Fuck Blackmore or Van Halen) this is the real deal with the best guitarist in the world.

4.What made you want to get the warfare name back out into the music scene again after so long?

I have constantly been asked over 25 years to produce play record all of which I declined, however one night I had a very strange dream and it all just came back, it only took one phone call from my pr and I was signed the same day to HIGH ROLLER RECORDS GMBH…it’s like the first 3 WARFARE albums all rolled into one but louder.

5.Besides the brand new Warfare album, do you have any other things planned in terms of recording and/or touring in the future? 

No plans of touring, but I would probably do a guest vocal or maybe production work if it was the kind of stuff that could be interesting, I will maybe do more work with Fast Eddie but obviously it depends on how well the current album sells, before I would consider a follow up, so go on you cunts and get the fucker bought bring some real metal into your lives.

DSCF0146.jpg 5
-Thank you very much for taking some time of the day to answer these questions EVO, hope the future is well. 
You can order the new WARFARE album here:

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