Album Review: Walpyrgus- Walpyrgus Nights

“Walpyrgus Nights” is the debut album from American Heavy Metal band Walpyrgus and was released June 6th, 2017. This album was definitely on my most anticipated list this year because ever since I heard the first Walpyrgus e.p. I was hooked with how these guys didn’t just have that traditional metal staple to them, but just how they also had this almost horror punk aspect to them it almost seemed like especially in the vocal work. They are definitely one of the most melodic bands out there and after seeing them crush Legions of Metal, I was so excited to finally get my hands on this album. So is it work the hype?


Track Rundown

1.The Dead Of Night-Opening with some heavy melodic guitar lines and those soaring melodic vocals that are a trade mark of the band. The song has a relatively simple melody and chord progression but it is done in a very tight way and I also have to admire the production with how clicky and up front the bass is but still lets the guitars shine. The melody of this song is extremely strong and works very well as an opener it really gets you singing along. The keyboards are also a nice addition giving the song some added atmosphere.

2.Somewhere Under Summerwind- The overall progression of this song has a very Michael Graves era Misfits style to it yet played in a more metal style. It is a very easy melodic song to sing to with a very strong solo with a lot of feeling to it as well. Definitely one of the strongest songs on the album.

3.Dead Girls- This song has the punk feeling right up front with the standard punk chord progression going on but it works with the melodic guitar lines that are as infectious as a lot of Iron Maiden guitar lines are. The lyrics are straight up Misfits meets King Diamond and it works very well and gives the album this feeling that makes me want it to be October. Avery simple but very infectious metal tune with an awesome organ solo that comes out of nowhere.

4.Lauralone-Opening with the toll of a bell against hanging guitars going into a bouncy metal riff, this song has more melody like the last songs but has almost a progressive feel to the riff with it bouncing up and down but changing up a lot. The chorus is quite infectious as well and I think at this point this album has that going as the biggest thing for it. The band know how to make a song get stuck in your head. The guitar solo on this song is also my favorite on the album as it is very intricate and fast when the song take a more mid tempo feel.

5.Palmystry-Thus song opens similarly like Iron Maidens “Running Free” but with a lot more melody to the guitars going into a more simplistic approach in the main progression of the song. It has a very similar feel to “Dead Girls” but the more chugging chorus saves it from sounding like a repeat of another song. The quick slower parts are nice but at first listen, they feel a bit disjointed like they just happen but you soon forget about that as you hear it more and more.

6.She Lives- The opening riff has a very Mercyful Fate feel to it with with this being one of the more slow songs (at first) on the album but still having that mid point between heavy and melodic. The chorus feels like it should be a slight faster tempo as well possibly because the song ends up at a more galloping tempo but kind of abruptly ends.

7.Light Of A Torch-The opening on this song i think drags a bit but damn the riff it leads into pays off. This is overall probably my favorite on the album as the band really homes in on their craft and creates a very high energy melodic classic metal song with an enormous chorus as well. Overall this is an amazing tune that has its melodic edge but still has this dark tone about it.

8.Walpyrgus Nights- I love the synths on this song and how they just engulf your speakers as they give just a great even heavier atmosphere to the song. Thus us essentially the bands magnum opus on their debut. This is definitely one that is  meant for a live crowd as it has so many parts that beg for an audience to sing along to. As the song stay in the slower tempo, it really works as an atmospheric closer to the album akin to bands like Night Demon and the like. However, at the end it really picks up with some intense catchy vocal work and soloing. It really ends the record on a high note.


Overall, I give the album a solid 7.5 out if 10. I am overall happy with how Walpyrgus’ debut has come out. It has the dark atmosphere with the more horror punk mixed with mercyful fate type song writing but with the band really making it their own. From going from more simplistic riffs to more intricate twin guitars, the album is very solid with giving the listener what they came for. Besides a couple of parts that felt a bit disjointed, this was a good debut from a band that I would definitely recommend!

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