Album Review: DOYLE- Doyle II:As We Die

“Doyle II: As We Die” is the sophomore album from Horror Punk/Metal supergroup DOYLE composed of most notably legendary Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Cancerslugs Alex Story and was released in May 2017. So finally another Doyle album is out. After falling in love with the first album “Abominator” and having it be one of the first albums I ever reviewed,  I was hoping the band would do another record. Finally I have my hands on it so lets delve into this album and see if it stacks up against the first.

Track Rundown


1.Kiss Me As We Die- Opening with a very doomy sounding riff but soon the song goes into a bouncy heavy riff with Alex Storys very angry vocals coming in to complete the bands sound. His cleaner vocals work well on this track as an opener having the chorus be less in your face and more hauntingly melodic which works. The song has a really good chugging pace that DOYLE used on the first album but the production here also feels like a slight step up although i feel like Alex’s more melodic vocal parts he seems a bit buried in the mix. Overall this is a good  opener and shows what the band is all about. Horror punked out metal and the solo was a nice addition as it feels more like an actual guitar solo. Alissa from Arch Enemy is a nice little surprise on there as well.


2.Beast Like Me- This song has more of a straight punk vibe to it with Doyle doing more pitch harmonics adding a pantera flair to the songs. The band has a lot of big riffs that get stuck in your head and I feel like this song isn’t bad but the main riff kind of falls flat for some reason. However, the chorus is alot more powerful and I feel makes the song. Overall, not a bad tune with some cool solo interludes as well.


3.God Of Flies- I love the more Pentagram feel of the riff in this song, Doyle just pulls of the slow doom riff so well. The song goes right into a more mid pace and its pretty catchy as it has some more melodic hints in the verses. This is one of my favorites on the album as it is a very heavy song yet it has an accessible sound in mainstream heavy metal music today.


4.Run For Your Life- The pace of this song is quite interesting as the drums are doing alot of different tempos and starts and stops. The new drummer the band has really works hard to keep the songs sounding heavy as hell. This tune also has one of the biggest and catchiest chorus’ on the album as well its just so good. This is another song i turn to a lot on the album as it has the heaviness yet the really catchiness in the chorus.


5.Darkside- The opening single string playing sounds like it could be on a Danzig album as it almost has a goth feeling to it. In fact the whole song has this Gothic undertone to it. Possibly due to the chord progression combined with Story’s more haunting vocals on this one. Not a bad tune at all.


6.Witchcraft- This one has a real bounce to it with the riff being very infectious and easy to headbang to with Story giving more of  a Michale Graves sounding performance in his vocal style. The song has a metal tone but the melody feels very much like a classic horror punk song with those hints of 50’s rock n roll. I really like it because both styles mesh pretty well.


7.King Of The Undead- There is almost a more thrash feeling in the riff if this song but still retains a mid paced kind of tempo with plenty of pitch harmonics. The song really is one you have to play multiple times as the tempo is kinda all over the place. It isn’t a bad tune but I feel like the vocals are still a bit too quiet on this song and arent out there as much as I feel they should be.


8.Virgin Sacrifice- I really like the more swinging pace of this song especially in the drums very much like “Cemetery Sexxx” did on the first sing. The rhythm with the more swaying vocals I feel makes the song really hit as hard as it does. The chorus has a lot of viciousness to it especially in the vocals as well. Overall, this is another one of my favorites on the album as well.


9.We Belong Dead- This is one of the slowest songs on the album with a started and stop chugging riff making up most of it and having more of a doom pace as well. I tis also one of the most simple on the album not offering a lot of changes but that chorus is a total classic 90’s misfits chorus. I could almost see this song appearing on “Famous Monsters” if not for the way heavier sound of the band overall. I really have to say that I am happy that Doyle is adding more of his horror punk roots into his music more.


10.Show No Mercy-Thus song has more of that chunky groove that Doyle utilizes heavily throughout this album and the first one as well. The song is very heavy although very basic. It does exactly what its suppose to. The band plays very tight on this one and is another where i can praise the drum work with a lot of starting and stopping throughout. A good tune with a good groove.


11.Dark Gods Arise- The overall feel of this song is between a mid tempo and a more punk beat. I really like the lower almost whispering vocals and how Story utilizes them as well. The chorus is also one of the best on the album as well with a big part that you cant help but sing along to.


12.Blood On The Axe-  This is definitely one of the fastest songs on the album with a lot of very tight jagged riffing from Doyle and blood thirsty vocal work as well. The song does have some slower grooving segments as well that make it one of the best on the album. Overall, this is a major highlight as it shows the band at full throttle.


13.Night Of Sin- The album definitely ends with a faster tune that definitely has more of a punk mentality to it but also has some melodic moments throughout the chorus as well that I really dig. It is definitely one of the most frantic songs as well with a lot of galloping drum work that is done very well. This is a fantastic and high energy closer to the album.

Overall, I give the album a fair 8 out of 10. With their second release, Doyle continues to do more of what they did on the first record but with subtle improvements. With guitar solo’s being more present and the uses of some of the horror punk formula, the album manages to have songs that surpass some on the first album. However, some of the songs are not as memorable and seem too simplified here especially in the middle where it suffers from what a lot of punk music suffers from with monotony. But overall, the record as a whole is a good second album from the band and still is a fun time all around. Definitely if you are a horror punk fan or even just a more metal fan, I am sure their is something both sides of the spectrum could find to their liking with this release.

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