Headbanging Highlight of the week: Evo-Warfare


This weeks headbanging highlight is the newest album from legendary Warfare drummer/vocalist Paul Evo entitled “Warfare” and was released May 26th, 2017 via High Roller Records. While this is a solo album , it definitely shares the punk attitude that made up the original sound Warfare had. However, there are some interesting spoken word parts on the album most notably with opener “Screaming At The Sea” being a very calm spoken word section. I remember the first time i put this album on I was almost like “is the whole album going to be like this?” I mean it really caught me off guard. However, the album really takes off once “Cemetery Dirt”and the real meat of the album comes at you full force. The TANK-like playing hits hard throughout the album with Evo coming out full force with his Lemmy-like vocals keeping the album at the punk/metal crossroads. The production is also pretty damn raw but in a good way. Unfortunately some of the guitar solo’s I wish would pop more as they feel a bit buried in the mix. Although Evo does play most of the instruments, there are some cool guest spots on the album. Lips from Anvil makes an appearance on the highlight track “This Man Bleeds Hate” and plays one of his dirtiest sounding solo’s i’ve heard in awhile. One of my all time favorite guitarists “Fast” Eddie Clarke also plays on the track “Misanthropy” and it sounds just like it was ripped off the “bomber” album and is one of my favorite moments on the album.

Overall, the album sees a great return from Evo. While it isn’t a mind blowing record or anything of that nature and has some issues with the production being a bit muddy at points, it is definitely a fun heavy album that is great to listen to blaring down the highway.


One thought on “Headbanging Highlight of the week: Evo-Warfare

  1. This album is Fucking intense it blew my mind I played it so loud it was like going to a MOTORHEAD show if it’s the only album you buy this year grab a copy now.


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