E.P Review: Rock Goddess- It’s More Than Rock N Roll


“It’s More Than Rock N Roll” is the brand new E.P by classic Heavy Metal trio Rock Goddess and was released May 19th, 2017. This marks a long comeback for the band since it is their first time releasing new music since their 1987 album “Young and Free”. So after all this time, is the e.p worth the wait? Or do we see a band unfortunately fall flat on the pavement all these years later?


Track Rundown

1.It’s More Than Rock N Roll-Opening with some heavy slow drumming with a suspended guitar riff with Jody Turners heavy hitting vocals which are my favorite thing about this ep and the band in general. The vocal work has always been quite strong. Unfortunately this song seems stale to me. It just lacks a lot of creativity mainly in the verses it just lacks a lot of power. The production feels really flat too with he drums sounding too hmm up front I suppose? They sound too shimmery to me. Overall the song has a good chorus and fun solo, but unfortunately it drags too much and lacks a lot of power that you hear on those early records.

2.Back Off- this song has more of a simplistic NWOBHM feel to it mainly in the riffing and I feel the production works a bit more in this songs favor. I do feel the bass could be a bit higher in the mix but this is definitely an improvement over the first song. It isn’t anything mind blowing, but its an alright tune.

3.We’re All Metal- Now this song has those lyrics that I am always a sucker for, no matter how cheesy they are. Those “Metal lives forever” kind of lyrics are always great but the song unfortunately suffers from the same shortcomings as the title track. Although I like where the band were heading with this song, I feel it again lacks a bit of power which mainly is because of the production. It’s another track that is okay but feels somewhat uninspired.

Overall, I give this e.p a 2.5 out of 5. Rock Goddess’s return to the metal world is one that leaves a bit to be desired. The songs although not terrible, lack a lot of staying power and are hindered by a production that seems way too shimmery sounding on the drums and just doesn’t sound as organic as they could. I still hope that the band puts out a full length again at some point but for right now, I feel this e.p is mainly if you are looking to complete a collection or something to put on once in a great while.

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