Headbanging Highlight of the Week: Pounding Metal-A Tribute to Exciter


This weeks Headbanging Highlight on Glistening Metal comes from the awesome Skol records label entitled Pounding Metal: A Tribute to Exciter. Being an Exciter fan, I was excited for this release for quite a long time. Now when it comes to tribute albums, they can be either really good or really bad. Knowing producer Bart Gabriel’s history with tributes (He did a RIOT and Anvil disc for both groups) I knew this was in good hands. He got some of the best in the scene including Attacker, Ram, Crystal Viper, Savage Master, October 31 and plenty more. all of these bands do very faithful covers with not too many changes to the songs other than perhaps production values. If you are an Exciter fan this is a great disc to hear some very faithful tributes done by a lot of bands you may not know about, which will introduce you to some great new music as well. This is also a  great disc to introduce new Exciter fans as well and all around is a fun time. Some of my favorite tracks are Attacker’s “Cry of The Banshee”, Savage Master’s “Saxons Of The Fire”, Ironsword’s “Death Revenge” and plenty more it is hard to pick as every band does every song justice. Highly recommend any fan of heavy metal to pick this up. Hear some great new and older acts tear up some great immortal speed metal tunes. Long live Exciter!!!

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