Headbanging Highlight of the week- Question of Madness: The Dark Corners of The Mind

Dark corners of the mind

Welcome to Headbanging Highlights of the week! This is a new segment on the site where every week I will give one album new or old that perhaps I haven’t had a chance to review or is an album I have been spinning recently. This week I have an album that I recently heard about through well the bass player Alfonso Polo Thanks man! The album is entitled “The Dark Corners Of The Mind” by Questions Of Madness and was released in 2010. This album leans more toward a more doom metal sound however it isn’t the kind of doom metal that leans toward black sabbath or any of those “heavy 70’s” type doom bands but it has more of a progressive doom sound. Mainly in songs like “Hollow Caves” where their are a lot of interesting segments within the rhythm of the song which is one thing that was quite appealing to me was how solid the instrumental segments on the album as a whole are. With chugging guitars that go into more galloping segments, the album flows very organically with a dark sludgy yet modern sound and the vocals while being more on the traditional heavy metal side give the songs even more of a punch and hook that gets you really into them. Overall the album is a great doom metal record with a progressive edge to it that definitely stands out among a lot of releases from the genre. If you can find yourself a copy, I highly recommend giving it a good listen, it is an album that is surely to please fans new and old. Bass player and main contributor Alfonso “Poncho” polo is currently writing songs for a new album under the same group name and is looking to get a new line up together to record as well!




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