Album Review-Tytan: Justice Served!


“Justice Served!” is the second full length album from legendary British Heavy Metal group Tytan and is to be released May 26th, 2017 via High Roller Records. A little history about Tytan is that they were originally formed by original Angel Witch bassist Kevin Riddles and released their first album “Rough Justice” in 1985. Even though the album was quite good with a heavy but melodic approach, unfortunately the band didn’t make it far and disbanded by the end of the decade. However, with a lot of bands in the same realm making large comebacks, it was clear that Tytan were up to the plate as well. Now finally, 36 years later the band has released their sophomore album, lets see how it stacks up!

Track Rundown

1.intro/Love You To Death-Opening with an atmospheric and very 80’s synthesizer opening, The song gets started with a more hard rocking riff that has some heavy blues influences as well to it. Once the verses come in you get immediately taken back to that classic mid 80’s metal sound with the heavy guitars and melodic vocals soaring over them. It is a very simple tune however it works very well and is a good jam to open the album.

2.Fight The Fight-This song definitely has more of a groove to it with the synths being out front right in the beginning. When the song kicks in it has really heavy feel to it with these fast passages between the verses that bring some real power to the song. The chorus has a really heavy feeling to it and definitely shows the potential for this being a really good live tune.

3.Spitfire-I really love the really upbeat feel of this song especially in the drums with the oldschool bass drums with a fast bluesy yet metal guitar riff. This song is another heavier tune from the band with more emphasis on the heavier groove of the song which I really dig. The solo really kicks ass too its just so frantic. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album easily.

4.Reap The Whirlwind-This song opens with almost a doom metal styled bass line with the guitars coming in with the key boards being more prominent in this song but more as an atmospheric touch. This song has more melody to it with a slower and somewhat more epic feeling pace with a very melodic chorus blended with that heavy guitar riff it works quite well and overall creates a good ominous mid tempo heavy metal tune.

5.Midnight Sun- this song has a more ballad-like feel to it compared to the earlier hard rocking songs as it is entirely acoustic. However, I think that it works as it breaks up the pace of the album a bit. I really admire the vocals they are done very well with some nice soaring highs and mids as well.

6.Forever Gone-This song rolls back into the more heavy metal roots with some cool starts and stops in the beginning with the synths taking over in between the band it really adds a nice touch. The chorus is quite strong as well and has that nwobhm feeling that they had on their first album.

7.Billy Who-I always love when a song opens with classical double bass drumming because you know its going to be a high energy tune and this definitely is. I really admire the solid solo guitars on the album as a whole because they are frantic yet so very on point with a lot of fast notes and whammy bar hits. This is a great instrumental that lets the band kind of show their more progressive side as it has an overall sort of “Rush” feel to it complete with a short but awesome precise drum solo toward the end.

8.Hells Breath- This song has more of a hard rock feel but with some good grooves in it with a very melodic mid section that is very reminiscent of a band like Praying Mantis with the atmosphere and melodic overtones it has which work well between the chanting main chorus.

9.One Last Detail- This tune speeds it up more akin to the earlier songs with a very almost pop-like riff through the verses it almost sounds like it should be in 1974. I almost get reminded of Coverdale-era Deep Purple with this tune and again its done quite well and is pretty catchy.

10.Worthy of Honour- Opening with more acoustics, this song boasts more low yet still melodic vocals to it and they are a nice variation compared to the other songs we have heard so far. It does eventually pick up into a more mid tempo almost 70’s styled hard rock song with an emotional solo as well. It definitely has more of a hard rock feel to it than a more metal feel.

11.The Cradle-Opening with more of those heavy synths the band is know for, the song goes into more for this mid tempo grooving metal song that feels a lot like the earlier mid tempo song with a lot of melody blended with the heavier riffing style. It does pick up into a fast chugging metal tune toward the middle and eventually ends with the band giving it all that they have.This is a good closing tune and reminds me of Tony Martin era Sabbath which is never a bad thing!

Overall, I give the album a strong 7.5 out of 10. Tytan do a very good job with blending the harsher heavy metal style of their counterparts but still retaining a more hard rock tone especially with the added melodies which the band in the first place were looking to accomplish. As a follow up thirty some years later, “Justice Served!” shows that Tytan are a band that still play tight as ever and finally have come back to deliver a solid album all NWOBHM fans will enjoy and then some.

2 thoughts on “Album Review-Tytan: Justice Served!

  1. Your initial history of this band is not quite accurate. They didn’t break up at the end of the decade as you say. Tytan had already disbanded before ‘Rough Justice’ was released. They disbanded in 1983. Original singer Kal Swan went on to Lion (the American version) and Bad Moon Rising, singing alongside guitarist Doug Aldrich.


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