Devil In Disguise: Glacier has risen again



devil in disguise


When mentioning underground 1980’s Heavy Metal, many, many bands come to mind. However, one that has received a lot of attention recently is US Power Metal outfit Glacier out of Oregon. This band has been synonymous with releasing one of the most solid classic Heavy Metal E.P’s of all time in 1985 which is all there is in their discography besides a few demo’s a few years after. The classic Glacier E.P featured five classic songs with three different singers as well. The most popular vocalist however was Mike “Glacier Mike” Podrybau who sang on three out of those five songs. Recently he has formed the band “Devil In Disguise” featuring Mike Mendoza and Michael Maselbas sharing guitar duties with bassist Alfonso Polo and drummer Adam Kopecky who are a tribute to the classic Glacier music.

Devil in disguise live 2.jpg

The band recently had their last rehearsal before they head to the annual Keep it True festival in Germany next week and then Legions Of Metal in Chicago and I was lucky enough to attend as well. Opening with “Heaven’s at hand” the band were in fine form and very solid playing through the whole Glacier e.p and a few rare demo songs including the very progressive start and stop “Eastern Guns” which they pulled off brilliantly. Lead singer “Glacier Mike” was in top form performing all song with ease and enthusiasm joking around with everyone and having a fun time. The drums I especially really enjoyed because Adam is a machine with endless drum rolls and being on point at every point of every song. The band actually ran through their set twice  with both their current bass player and their stand in for Germany. Both sets were very solid and the whole band like I said displayed very precise playing skills and I think did these songs very faithfully.

Devil in disguise live


I hope for big things for Devil In Disguise, they bring back the classic Glacier everyone has wanted and hopefully one day can bring some new songs to the table as well. Check them out at Keep It True and Legions of Metal, you don’t want to miss this legendary once in a lifetime set!




Me with devil in disguise.jpg




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