Album Review: Satans Hallow-Satans Hallow

Satans Hallow

“Satan’s Hallow” is the debut album by Chicago traditional Heavy Metal band Satan’s Hallow and was released on April 1st, 2017. The first time I had heard anything from this band was actually in a trailer for the dvd of last years Keep It True festival. From what I heard I was very intrigued as the sound was very powerful and the vocals were extremely on point as well. So I was curious: can this band carry a whole record? Lets find out.

Track Rundown

1.Reaching For The Night- The album opens roaring with this epic vintage Maiden-esque tune. Right away you can tell especially that vocalist Mandy Martillo isn’t messing around. Her voice has a very comfortable and strong range that isn’t too high but is just right. The whole song is just pure old school epic metal and for an opener it kickass all over the place.

2.Choir of The Cursed- This song has a heavy more mid paced feel throughout it and is one of the tunes on the album that shows the more technical capabilities of the band with a lot of guitar melodies throughout. I almost get a Dio vibe here as well and Im digging it. The production I might add is very old school as well with a very raw and not too polished feeling.

3.Hot Passion- This song is a lot like “2 minutes to midnight” but with female vocals. It honestly is pretty badass the chorus is very big and its one of those tunes you just blast down the highway going 150 miles an hour…and thats what it’s all about. This is definitely one of the hookiest tunes on the album.

4.Black Angel- I almost get a Gillan-era sabbath vibe from this tune for some reason, it just has that darkness to it for me. The core sound is still denim and leather clad heavy metal to the fullest though. Just another ass kicking old school metal tune, nothing more nothing less.

5.Satan’s Hallow- This tune definitely has that more bumpy and bluesy guitar riff going for it and definitely shifts the pace a bit to having more groove. It works and has a more 70’s Rainbow vibe to it with the early 80’s metal sound heavily heard through the chorus. It is a really catchy tune that definitely is one of mmy favorites on the album as well!

6.The Horror- This tune has a similar style to the opening track with more of a speed metal influence to it. I really dig that the guitars you can easily pick out in the production it is weird to explain but it is one of those things where every instrument can be heard and this band does that to a T in that sense. The soloing all over this album I have yet to mention is quite fantastic as well, with a very crisp sound to it.

7.Moving On- Another full on epic metal tune that is again done very well. This band would have been huge in 1984 with the amount of hooks they have and not to mention how tight the band plays. I really like the more frantic pace of the drums here as well it really gets you head banging.

8.Still Alive- This song is probably the most mid paced on the album with a more ballad-ish feeling to it but never really goes to any quiet moments except briefly in the middle with some cool pitch harmonics but it keeps that epic fist pumping tempo going all the way through. It is a great tune especially this far into the album, you definitely want to keep hearing more! The melodies, the hooks and the overall musicianship displayed are very faithful to this style of music.

9.Beyond The Bells- This song is the first I heard from this band and is what the core of Heavy Metal is about. Pure fist pumping, catchy strong as steel metal I mean from the guitar harmonies to the vocals in general I mean it is just one of those songs that begs to be played live to get a crowd going. Literally one of those songs I cant express through words just go check it out!

Overall, this album gets a solid 8 out of 10. This band is another one that is definitely going to become of my favorites in the Chicago scene and this album featuring epic and very faithful heavy metal with dark themes done by a very tight band is sure to show that this band is one to be reckoned with. The album is out now on the bands bandcamp but it will be out at the end of this month on Cd and Vinyl over at Underground Power records so when that hits go grab it and blast this piece of modern(vintage) Chicago epic metal!

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