Cirith Ungol’s “King of the Dead” to be reissued

King Of The Dead.jpg


Cirith Ungol are one of the most underrated heavy metal groups out of the 1980’s so it is no surprise to see one of their best albums to be reissued by Metal Blade Records! “King Of The Dead” released in 1984 was an amazing album as it combined traditional metal and subtle doom metal tempo’s combined with Tim Bakers unique shrill vocals that were like Ozzy times ten. The album will be released on April 28th and will be on cd, black vinyl, red vinyl( US exclusive) blue vinyl(European exclusive) and in special bundle packs as well. There will also be a special dvd featuring a rare live show from 1983! Coming hot off last years reissue of “Paradise Lost”, Cirith Ungol have been making a huge comeback finally playing the Keep It True festival this year as well and Im so excited to see this album get released properly today for a new generation to enjoy.


Order your preferred version right here!



Listen to Atom Smasher here!


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