Album Review: Ritual Of Odds- Ritual of IX


“Ritual of IX” is the third full length album by Melodic Death Metal group Ritual Of Odds and was released February 3rd, 2017. This album was brought to my attention by Mr. Scott Clude and I was quite interested right from the get go. Melodic Death Metal is something I can always get behind because when it’s done right it can be an amazing thing so I was already quite intrigued by this album and band. So lets dig into this album and see what its all about.

Track Rundown

1.Ritual of 9- This song opens with some pretty good melodies and right away gets into the more thrashy death beats. The vocals are really up front but are still a nice balance between death and thrash vocals. I really like the chorus on this song I only wish the drums had just a bit more oomph to them they just feel a but flat in the mix. Overall I think this is a pretty good song and shows that even at a first listen that this band is pretty tight and does some interesting stuff. I really dig where the tempo slows down right in the middle as well it adds a bit of variety before finishing strong with the chorus.

2.Hunt You Down-I really like the slow beat this song starts out with and actually builds it quite well. The melodies in this song are one of the reasons it is one of my favorites offered here. I really like how more visceral the vocals get as well its pretty damn cool. The vocals go full death metal during the chorus and it isn’t bad. This is really an awesome heavy tune even though it is at more of a mid tempo I dig it.

3.Feargas- This song chucks along a bit more and again I focus more on the vocals Im not sure why. Typically I dont really enjoy death style vocals but these guys do it well they have an interesting sound with how they portray the death metal style. Perhaps it is because the songs have more hooks but that isn’t a bad thing. I do wish it wasn’t as mid paced but it isn’t bad.

4.Hate At First Sight-This is a other more mid paced song and I enjoy the more sludgy take here well in the verses before it goes into more of a progressive feel especially in the tempo’s. There seems to be something that doesn’t work however, like I’m not sure what it is, perhaps its the time changes that kind of throw me off I just never fully get where this song is really going.

5.A Part Of Me- I do like the more thrashy tempo’s here in points. It still sticks to kind of the mid paced formulas a lot of these songs have seemed to stick to. Again if there is one more thing I can say I enjoy is the vocals just because I like the anger projected through them.

6.Digital Hell-This song feels very similar to the last few in style, however, it isn’t predictable because every song has some kind of character whether its in the time changes or certain riffs that are the main focus. However, the chorus in this song just doesn’t feel like it fully reaches it’s capabilities. It isn’t bad and is another song I thoroughly enjoy.

7.Why So Serious- This song has more of that chug chug beat to it but I like the beat here more as it goes more to a traditional metal beat in parts and the vocals go from mid oace to fast and brutal at points and it kept me bobbing my head all the way through. This honestly feels like an Exodus song with death metal influences to it and I dig it.

8.Greed-This song is one of the fastest on the album and more on the heavy epic melodic side as well. It is definitely one of the more straight forward songs as well. The chorus is also pretty damn cool also.

9.The Dual Substance Of Man-This song also has some really enjoyable qualities especially again in the chorus where this band seems to shine the most. Most of the song I kind of get lost in but there are a lot of good riffs throughout as well.

10.What I’ve Become-This I think is a good ending song for the album, it has a lot of pretty good melodies in it with some really crushing guitar riffs that I dig as well. The band definitely go hard here but I feel they could have gone full assault but it is still a pretty good ending song.

Overall, I give this album a 6.5 out of 10. I really think this band really has talent. They play tight and definitely show that they have the capabilities to write some epic songs. However, I feel like this album kind of blends at parts a bit too much. There just isn’t much change from most of the songs in the middle of the album. There are good ideas and parts in a lot of these songs but I feel like if they were fleshed out a bit more they could be really really goo. Overall, I think this an album still worth checking out if you are curious, you may dig these guys they definitely still show that they have good musicianship.

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