EP Review: Lycanthro- Self Titled EP


Lycanthro are a brand new speed metal outfit out of Ottawa, Ontario and released their four song E.P on January 8th, 2017. Guitarist James Delbridge brought this ep to my attention (thanks man) and I must say right from the get go I was quite curious about this ep just form the cover. I dont know what it is but I love this cover, it just screams 80’s speed metal to me and wolves are just badass. Well anyway, lets get into this ep and see what this band is all about!

Track Rundown

1.Crucible-Opening with some ominous acoustic guitar I already like the kind of raw sound the band has going and for the first song I think it packs a lot of energy. It definitely has an oldschool vibe to it but with a modern feel especially in the guitars. It is also catchy as fuck and a bit reminiscent of early Armored Saint as well. The whole band is pretty damn solid and I love the vocals too, they fit the heavy riffing very comfortably. Overall, this is a great opener and is a total ripper.

2.Into Oblivion-This has almost a bluesy metal feel to it and has a great groove as well. I really dig it it keeps within that classic heavy metal feel with almost some 90’s vibes a la Alice In Chains to it and is a nice mix. Also the grooving bass in the middle is badass with the slightly off harmony guitars as well, it weirdly works.

3.Break Through The Fire- This is more of a mid paced metal tune as well and is one of the most raw songs on this E.P as well. It is pretty damn catchy and with a full on production it would really sound quite epic. Overall this is a raw badass metal tune that hits all the marks and is definitely one to have on repeat listens.

4.Ride The Dragon- This is easily the rawest song offered but that doesn’t hinder the songwriting because I think the song has potential. It definitely has hooks to it and again with a bigger production it could really become a popular tune in the underground. It is also my favorite here as well. The chorus is catchy as hell and very Manowar-ish in its delivery. Definitely a powerful song to end on.

Overall, I give this EP a 3 out of 5. I really think these songs have potential and highly recommend anyone curious to give this one a listen. The songs are a bit rough and may take a couple listens to really get the feel but they have have good hooks and show a band very capable of making a great debut album.  Lycanthro is a band to keep a look on the horizon for because I think these guys could really do great things in the future!




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