EP Review: Paladin-2017 demo

Paladin demo.jpg



Paladin are a Power Metal/Thrash Metal quartet based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The band is a fairly new and brought their new 2017 demo to my attention and I figured I’d give it a listen. There are only two tracks here so this will be a short review but from what I can say is that for a demo hot damn lets get started.

Track Rundown

1.Call Of The Night- The band comes right of the gates having almost a Megadeth sound but with power metal influences but then…holy shit we have almost death metal vocals sprinkled in there for a few verses. I have to say that even though as many know that I don’t really like death metal vocals that I actually really dig them here because it is mixed with those soaring highs and makes fro a really interesting listen. I also have to say for a demo this has a damn nice production that even as a full length for an underground group isn’t bad at all. Overall this is a really good just metal song that pulls a lot of different influences and does it very well.

2.Bury The Light- Thus track like the first wins me over right from the get go because I really dig the progression that it has. There is an extended melodic solo in the beginning as well which I really dig. The vocals have more of that death metal feel to it in the verses with the chorus going more for the big power metal hooks but I really dig it. Like these guys may have actually gotten me to enjoy more harsh style vocals more and I have to credit them for that. But overall this tune is another creative track that just screams metal and in my opinion how more modern acts should sound at least in the more popular scene.

Overall, I give this EP a solid 4 out of 5. I think even with only two songs I can see what direction Paladin are heading in. It isn’t quite thrash or death but it isn’t anything too typical power metal either it is a nice in between that can lead the way for some creative songwriting and with the talent these guys obviously really have, they are more than capable of that and I am excited to see what the future holds for them.


You can hear their demo here





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