Album Review: Sleazer- Fall Into Disgrace


“Fall Into Disgrace” is the debut album from Italian traditional Heavy Metal band Sleazer and was released February 20th, 2017. Sleazer are another band that plays that traditional metal style akin to bands such as Night Demon, Seven Sisters, Cauldron and many others. This album fell on my radar a few weeks ago and after a few full listens I finally decided I wanted to talk about this album considering the band have been around for a few years even releasing a demo way back in 2014.

Track Rundown

1.A Falling Overture-I love the Terminator style synthesizers it really shows the 80’s feel the band is going for is very strong. It isn’t a bad opening at all considering how much I love 80’s style synths as well.

2.Heroes of Disgrace- And just like that the band comes out of the gates screaming(literally!). They definitely play very tight and this song in particular has a lot of hard hooks to it and has a feel to early Manowar feel with a lot more speed. Overall, it is a very well done opener and shows that this band know exactly what the hell they are doing.

3.Straight On Your Way- This song has a very basic feel to it however it is done with a lot of care. The band still fires on all cylinders here and the song is just straight up fist banging heavy metal. I really dig the virtuoso flashy soloing as well you’d swear you were listening to someone like Jake E Lee shredding.

4.Legion Of The Damned- The old school speed metal is definitely alive and well if this song has anything to say about it. It is played with a lot of care and extremely tight as well. For a debut album for a relatively unknown group, the production is quite flashy and works in their favor making the songs just pop a bit more as well.

5.Faded Dream- This could have been a huge single back in 86′ it shares a lot of similarities by tunes from Dokken with a lot of flashy guitars and that catchy as hell chorus. I ain’t complaining because it is a catchy song and it really gets you hooked.

6.King Of Nothing- This song is also very hooky which I think is one of the bands strong points. It is again quite simple but again it a fun simple metal song.

7.Sabbath Lord- This obviously has a bit of Dio-era Sabbath feel to it or at least in the beginning because it goes straight for the speed and definitely is one of the heaviest songs on the album albeit very tongue in cheek. This is definitely another highlight as well.

8.Sleazer- Just ass kicking heavy metal that could have easily been heard everywhere in the mid 80’s and that ain’t a bad thing.

9.Fall Again- There are some more melodic elements to this song compared to tracks like the last one but still shares the same core sound as well. This track also has some of my favorite solo’s on the album as well.

10.Deserter- This song is a pretty good closer and keeps the album as consistent as it can be. There really isn’t one moment that lets up on the album and for this kind of band I think that’s quite alright. This song ends very strongly as well with a catchy chorus and as much speed as the band can possibly handle.

Overall, I give the album a fair 7.5 out of 10. I was quite happy when I stumbled upon this band because they definitely have potential in a scene that is becoming more and more lively especially in the past recent years. The group overall really have their sound nailed and have quite good musicianship and understand how to make a fun record. This album isn’t anything ground breaking but it is fun as hell and definitely worth a buy or at least a listen.

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