Metallica and Lady Gaga: a short review

So after sitting two and a half hours through the Grammy’s we finally get to witness just what Metallica and Lady Gaga sound like together. As the performance began I was pleasantly surprised that they chose a new song. “Moth Into Flame” actually and I was so happy to not see it being Unforgiven or Enter Sandman. It was a relatively heavy song from the new record and began with Gaga doing this fake mosh thing. As soon as I saw this all I could think of was “what…the…hell” but as she starting singing I was reluctant that she actually didn’t sound too bad. Now Lady Gaga is one pop star I’ll admit I do have somewhat of a soft spot for, shes always been very unique in her own way but even though being part of the mainstream, something always gave her some kind of charm. BUT COME ON WITH JAMES MICROPHONE I MEAN SERIOUSLY SOUND GUYS THIS IS THE GRAMMYS CANT YOU GIVE A SHIT A LITTLE BIT. Honestly it could have been a technical issue but also this million dollar equipment has worked for everyone else soo….Anyway, after that awkward moment it seems that Lady Gaga was able to slide into the song more comfortably within her vocal range. She really showed her showmanship and had a good chemistry with the band as well. Overall, the performance was okay. Just okay, Like Alice Cooper covering Motorhead last year it was just okay. It is an idea that came to fruition and didn’t crash and burn it was just okay. Nothing more nothing less.

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