Album Review-Grave Digger:Healed By Metal


“Healed By Metal” is the eighteenth studio album from German Heavy Metal giants Grave Digger and was released on January 13th, 2017. Grave Digger has always been one of those bands that are like Motorhead or ACDC, you always know what you are going to get. They have always had that Accept teutonic style but also with that Manowar-ish epicness that I have dug on every record they have done even if it gets a little repetitive. Well I finally get a chance to review their new one and here we will see if the material they came up with in 2017 is just as good as what they conjured up in the 80’s and 90’s.

Track Rundown

1.Healed By Metal-Opened with a hard hitting mid paced and very simple fist pumping tune(did I describe it well enough?). Personally after the first few spins this song was stuck in my head hell it still is. For how simple it is, it just screams HEAVY METAL and is catchy as hell so even with its simplicity it is a catchy as hell tune.

2.When Night Falls- This song is more of that classic speed metal/power metal and is done very well. I really dig the guitar tone on this album it is really out front but at the same time I feel like every other component was evenly produced as well. I dig the very heavy “big” feeling to this song and I dig it especially when its cranked very loud.

3.Lawbreaker- This song has a similar style as the one before it and has a bit of that Accept feel as well. This is one of my favorites on the album as well its just a good time and the solo is typical of this kind of song but its a style we are all familiar with and have no problem seeing it shine bright.

4.Free Forever- This song has a bit more of almost a commercial feel to it and I mean the 80s commercial feel not today’s by any means at least in the chorus but the verses are very heavy with a lot of chugging guitars. Another favorite on the album.

5.Call For War- Dig this song as well it blends that speed metal pace with power metal-isms especially in the chorus. All I can say is this is a good driving tune.

6.Ten Commandments of Metal- Another fist pumping more mid tempo tune and one I think that would work live very well. Chris Boltendahl’s vocals are still just as powerful as they were back in the day as well. Another solid tune to crank loud.

7.The Hangman’s Eye- Another of my favorites on the album I really like the keyboards in the back they add an extra layer and change things up a bit. This is easily one of the most powerful songs on the album as well.

8.Kill Ritual- I dig the build up in this song and the energy is very high as well. The energy on this record as a whole is very good but unfortunately the songs get a tad monotonous at this point but I wouldn’t say this song is bad it just gets lost with a lot of the other songs on the album.

9.Hallelujah-I really like the main riff to this song but again it doesn’t change up the pace on the album that much and tends to blend with the rest of the songs but the chorus is really good I can say that.

10.Laughing With The Dead- This song is very similar to the title track but doesn’t feel as powerful. It isn’t bad but it just seems a bit bored with itself. Just a slow burner I suppose for the closing song.

Overall, I give the album a 7 out of 10. With eighteen albums you would think the band would kind of change it up a bit. I personally don’t think the album is bad besides the last track but if the album was cut down with maybe only seven or eight songs I think it would fair better. I just tend to get lost in it because everything blends together too easily. However, the energy and abundance hooks save the album and perhaps I’ll return to it once and a while through out the year. Lets just be happy that Grave Digger are still around and kicking ass.

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